Recently I’ve pivoted away from web development to strategic marketing for Google and Facebook because these two platforms account for the majority of local business traffic online. If you want to reach new customers Google My Business offers the tools to boost your online presence with location listings, updates, products, photos, and ratings. Facebook offers the tools to engage and connect with customers while building a community.

Online search has been the key differentiator for business the past ten plus years. As a web developer, I am asked “do you do search engine optimization?” by many potential clients. All too often I get into an explanation of the downfalls of thinking in terms of SEO instead of just saying, “practically, yes.” Big secret one: search engine optimization is just strategically creating your content and giving it relevance and reputability. Big secret two: for local establishments getting seen in location results is more important than search results.

When Abby is needs her dog walked she’s going to either:

  1. Ask for recommendations (likely on Facebook),
  2. Search on, or
  3. Search her maps app

Will it help if your website link pops up in the search results for “mytown dog walker”? You bet! But imagine the response when a bright photo, description, ratings, and more pop up right alongside all those web search results! Abby’s likely to click THAT link! And that is what Google My Business gets you!

Google My Business Training has all the instruction to get you started on claiming your business locations and setting up your profiles. Carve out some time to go through it and improve YOUR business listing. If you need someone to set up and help you manage your listing, head over to this page.

Need tips on creating graphics and photos for the web? Canva Design School shows you how to use their tool to create all kinds of graphics and the principles behind design.